måndag 1 mars 2010

Galleri Lilith Waltenberg: Pauliina Pietilä-The birds only sing about sex and violence 26.2.-27.3.2010

Augustenborg, detalj

The birds only sing about sex and violence

Ron Weisman, the professor of Psychology and Biology at Queen's University, Canada, says that bird song is about sex and violence. The birds are attracting mates and repelling territorial invaders with their singing.

Pauliina Pietilä was born 1982 in Ilmajoki, Finland. She is a 4th year student at the Malmo Art Academy. 
She works mostly with painting and uses photos as maps and sketches for the final work. The painting is a documentation of a specific moment fluctuating somewhere between the taking of the picture and the painting process. In her current works she has studied the relation between urban landscape, nature and herself. The violent and dark atmosphere of the paintings forces the viewer to be present in someone else's here and now.

For me painting is a twisted copy of life. It has a dreamlike function to explain the everyday chaos, events and phenomena. I search for magical moments and scenes, with some unexplainable edge that can be found both from the most unexciting and most extraordinary places.

 When I am painting, the words describing the surroundings become unclear and too abstract. I concentrate on the visual, to that what is, what I wish to be and what I rather would not see. The areas outside the defined, painted forms become clearer, while I as well get more understandable form in relation to my subject.

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